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Our Business

Vinh Khanh Corp. (VCOM) is specialized in manufacturing and trading telecommunication cables, fiber optic cables, LAN cables, power cables, electric wires, uPVC and HDPE pipes and all kinds of fittings in telecommunication, electricity, water supply industry and civil-engineering.


Vinh Khanh Corp. has got NOKIA MAILLEFER, KOBELCO, PAN-PIONEER tandem lines and other morden equipments, maded in Germany and Japan. Therefore, we are really confident in supplying a wide range of LAN cable, such as Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 6e, from 4 pairs to 100 pairs. VCOM LAN cable is produced by advanced technology and American standards. Our products have actually been exported to Japan and other countries. We can produce 12,000km of cable per month. More specific


In order to meet the technology change in telecommunication industry, Vinh Khanh Corp. has been interested in researching in producing fiber optic cable. With the brand name of VCOM, which satisfies some request on technical requirements, such as attenuation, performance temperature, dispersion, etc. More specific

Vinh Khanh Corp. has been manufacturing a wide range of products from 2 to 50 optical fibers so far. Other specifications are produced upon request from customers. We can supply 5,000 km of cable per month


Vinh Khanh Corp. has started to manufacture telecommunication cable since 1997. Then, we invested and expanded in this industry from 2003, and telecommunication cable has become one of our key products. Vinh Khanh Corp. has been supplying 4 main categories of this cable as following:

  • Self-  supported copper telecommunication cable;
  • Burried copper telecommunication cable;
  • Inside wire;
  • Dropwire.

Besides, we can also manufacture other specifications as per customers’ requirements. More Specific


Vietnam has been integrating and developing while the demand of construction materials, including power cable and electric wire, is strongly increasing day by day. With the development and prosperity in Vietnam, Vinh Khanh Corp. has also engaged in producing power cables and electric wires under the brand name of VCOM and CAVIK.

More specific


Vinh Khanh Corp. has specialized in manufacturing all kinds of uPVC, HDPE pipes, fittings and solvent cement for water supply, electricity and post & telecommunication industry and civil-engineering. Our uPVC, HDPE products are certificated to meet not only Vietnamese quality standards but also international standards. Thank to best quality products and good prestige brand, we are very proud of well-known awards which we received, for example, Golden Trophy of VIETBUILD in 5 years continuously from 2003 to 2007, Golden Trophy of Industry Brand in 2005, etc. More specific


Vinh Khanh is the sole distributor of Maxxi’s tire in Viet Nam.  Thanks to best quality, good prestige and attentive service, Maxxi’s tire is allegedly considered as well consuming by the Vietnamese.


We have committed to supply customers our high quality and international standard products.

Also in line with this, Vinh Khanh Corp. is known as one of the reliable distributors in telecommunication industry with the below items:

  • ADSL, HDSL modems;
  • Optical Modem;
  • Mobile phone;
  • Telephone;
  • Other accessories.