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Our Advantages

High volume of production coupled with long term agreements with our vendors provide advantages in buying power. These advantages are passed directly to our customer in the form of a very competitive price.   

We understand the relationships between product quality, company reputation and customer loyalty. We only use the best manufacturing machineries and most of our products offer a "Lifetime Warranty", we stand behind our brand.

Fast, efficient delivery is vital to your business. Our experience has taught us to minimize delivery time without risk to your program. Our efficient and modern facility conveniently located in Binh Duong province enable us meet your Just In Time requests.

Our experience and resources have given us the capability to complete even the most demanding tasks as they relate to design, packaging, timing, or production.  We are proud of our skilled employees who are always nearby to help solve your problems.

Our services are highly flexible, fast and competitive.  Frequent communication is important to keep you up to date. We constantly communicate with our customers day and night to ensure that you have the most recent order status and your revisions are incorporated expediently. We offer complete quality control, packing, consolidation and custom clearance services.